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- Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest link

- Facebook Pixel Code & Retargetting

- Open SEO & My Bio content

- Email & Blog Campaigns

- Google Analytics

- Co-op Website for Ad Campaigns


- Getting Started module

- Strategy Session

- Critical Activities

- Forms, manuals, videos, audios & more...



With easy to use, cutting edge technology...


A system provided with auto responder emails,

email templates, training material, getting started

and much more!


Virtual Office, designed with your

Melaleuca Inc. business in mind!

Get my LEAD GENERATING Website!     Get the new Fast-Track System!

Mobile Responsive Designs

Website designs aimed to providing optimal viewing experience, easy reading and navigation across desktop and mobile devices


Get More Leads!

Websites 100% created to attract visitors and generate more leads to help you expand your Melaleuca business at a fast pace!


Advanced SEO Features

Websites that are truly Search Engine Optimization capable, with ability to upload your own content, images, blogs and more


The Best Virtual Office

An online business assistant that offers the most complete array of features to effectively run your business and learn about Melaleuca


Features That Make Us Unique

Personal Websites

Highly converting, professionally designed, time tested lead generating websites offering the latest technology to allow you to position your website with the top search engines.

Generate Leads

Your website includes the most advanced tools to position and promote your website in social media and search engines, allowing you to be found on the Internet and generate your own leads.

Online Contact Manager

The most advanced Contact Management System specifically designed for your Melaleuca business. Contacts automatically added to your contact list when they request information or when you are purchasing leads. Organize your contacts in the groups provided or create your own groups of contacts with their own marketing/follow up campaigns.

Automated Marketing

Take advantage of automated email campaigns already built in your system to automatically follow up with new leads before you can personally contact them and after they attend an overview. Higher conversion rate from leads to new enrollees! You may also create your own automated marketing campaigns and schedule as many auto responder emails as you wish.

Automated Follow-Up

Optimize your time... unleash your potential. Organize your contacts as Prospects, Customers, Business Builders or Directors. Take advantage of pre-built follow up campaigns for all types of contacts or create your own set of auto email follow ups. No limit in the number of auto emails you may create or the length of the follow up campaign.

Email system

Send individual emails to each contact in your list or send a group email to a groups of contacts of your choosing. Take advantage of pre-designed Template Emails available or create your own.

Team up to Generate Leads

Team up with other Marketing Executives and create a Co-Op website. Promote or advertise the site and leads are automatically assigned to members of the Co-Op team. It is the most efficient way to promote!

Social Media Integration

Integrate all major social media outlets with your website to bring incredible traffic to your website. Don't have people just like you on social media... bring them from your time lines and boards to your website.

Online "What Products and Services Do You Use" form

Your own customized form with a lead capture portion and its own URL. You may utilize it as an additional landing page. It is also available in your Contact Manager as a tag you may include to prospects so they can access, see how easy it is to qualify as a Preferred Client and request follow up info from you. You can also instantly send the form while hosting a presentation so you may better present the Preferred Customer Membership.

Blog, Post, Generate Leads

Post to your own Blog(s). Each time you post you create a new landing page with a lead capture section. Share your posts in social media. Each person that reads your post is a possible lead.

Customize your Site with your Picture and your Story

Upload your picture and your bio to individualize your site. The system will create a unique landing page for the bio with a lead capture section. People may land in your bio page and either go to the other sections in your site or request information from this page directly.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your key to promoting your website and to make it visible in the top search engines. Your SEO page will make your website unique in terms of content which helps populating at a higher rank in natural search results in search engines like, & yahoo.

Track your efforts

Easily incorporate Google Analytics to keep track of traffic to your website. Determine what promotional campaigns work so you spend your promotional efforts more efficiently.

Your Own Webinar Room

With capacity for you and up to three (3) guests to host your own live overviews. No downloads needed. All the most updated Overviews for the USA (English & Spanish), Canada (English & French) and Mexico (Spanish) are preloaded in your system.

Duplicate your Success

Get your new enrollees started the right way. Give them access to basic trainings and documents. New enrollees have access to the Us Business Builder Documents so they can download them and get started right away.

Getting Started Training

Through your website your new enrollees have access to the Getting Started Training Module. A unique guide for new business builders created with input received from some of Melaleuca's top Executive and Corporate Directors.

Strategy Session

Visit this training module with your mentor and with your new business builders to create your game plan to success.

Mentoring Tracking System

Receive email notifications to keep track of your new business builder's progress through the Getting Started Module.

What Some of Our Members Say

I have been in network marketing for almost 30 years. The reality is that you are only as good as your people. I was fortunate that a friend of mine introduced me to SX3 Sites. I was very skeptical that they would do what they told me they would because I have been let down so many times in the past. However, I was not to be let down again! I have worked with SX3 Sites for several years now and they are an awesome organization. They come up with solutions. They have provided me with technology that others did not even know about. Their customer service is the best. They have had a significant impact on my business and I would strongly recommend SX3 Sites to anyone that is looking to grow their business through the internet.

- Alan Pariser

As an entrepreneur in the network marketing industry I needed to implement several technical pieces to grow my business, train my team and automate all the day to day operations of my team. After trying out different companies and implementing different components from different companies I contacted SX3 Sites. They were able to offer a complete solution in one package so I can promote my business, manage contacts, train, keep business builders engaged, conduct webinars... all from my website. Amazing. I have already recommended SX3 Sites to several other organizations including one of the top leaders and organizations in our company. They are great!!!

- Trish Grinnell


It's so often that we work with companies with very little personal interaction. What I absolutely love about the folks at SX3 is that they truly care about their clients, listen to their needs and do their utmost to accommodate on a personal level. I have built wonderful relationships with the staff. They are great! I'm in a business where interaction with my customers is a must. The team at SX3 have created a platform where I can do exactly that. They have created a system for me that is remarkable. I searched high and low for a company to partner with. I'm so happy I found SX3.

- Steph Shaffer

Joining the SX3 Sites team allowed me to focus on continuing building my organization, knowing that the websites will generate leads and the virtual office will take care of the training side that I needed. With the help of SX3sites my organization has expanded tremendously.

- Rafael Rojas



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